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Medication baskets

Medication baskets
Medication baskets
  • Category:Deep processing Products
  • Material:stainless 304, 316
  • Properties:tasteless, stable and durable
  • Application:use in the medical field, hospitals and laboratories

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Medication baskets

The specifications of Medication baskets

1. The materials of Medication baskets:stainless 304, 316 

2. Size: customized

3. Surface treatment: electro polishing

4. Packing: poly bag and wooden case

The features of Medication baskets

1. Medication baskets have smooth surface and does not rust.

2. Medication baskets are corrosion resistance, non-toxic and health.

3. Medication baskets are environmental protection and easy cleaning and long using time.

4. Medication baskets are tasteless, stable and durable.

The applications of Medication baskets

1. Medication basketsare used in the medical field, hospitals and laboratories are burr free to eliminate the possibility of lacerations from handling and all wire ends are melted to a 


spherical shape.

2. Medication basketscan be used for items sterilized, ultrasonic cleaning, storage, use, etc., can be especially surgical instruments, medical instruments into the instrument tray with 


cleaning and disinfection sterilization.

3. Medication basketsare applicable to medical units, hospital departments such as the operating room, supply room, sterilization room, a dental clinic, ward and all the cleaning and 


disinfection of medical institutions related to sterilization department.


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